Direct Cremations

What is included:

The service includes collection of the deceased from a mortuary, private residence or residential care home. Experienced mortuary technicians will collect the deceased and transport them in a private ambulance to be cared for by us in a specifically designed and refrigerated mortuary. The price includes the provision of a sustainable eco-friendly premium cardboard coffin, specifically designed using 80% recycled materials and resulting in 90% lower carbon emissions during cremation. We can also provide a basic traditional coffin as an alternative option. All necessary forms, applications and any required doctor certificates will be administered and filed by us for a cremation to be legally performed. The deceased will be transported to the crematorium on the date of the cremation and the ashes will be collected and delivered to the family within 14 days.

What is not included:

The service does not include re-dressing the deceased. We will provide a shroud in the absence of any clothing. There is no officiant, funeral service ceremony or mourners at the crematorium. It is a very private and dignified service where a chapel of rest, hearse, limousine or flowers are not provided or considered necessary. The deceased is not embalmed and there is no viewing. The cremation is conducted at the earliest available opportunity. The service does not include any medical fees if certificates are required. If medical certificates are required, they are usually £82.00 per doctor.
We would be pleased to provide some or all of the additional services if required. The additional prices are available on request.