25th January 2023

Direct Cremation Services joined the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce.

04th April 2023

Direct Cremation Services are pleased to offer our customers free life insurance advice from our partners at Cherry Godfrey. This is a unique opportunity to receive personalised guidance on how to protect your family’s financial future. Whether you are considering funeral planning or other insurance protection matters, Cherry Godfrey are here to help you navigate the complexities of life insurance. To take advantage of this great opportunity and to schedule a consultation, please call Alastair on 711666 or email agillespie@cherrygodfrey.com today.

Website: https://www.cherrygodfrey.com/

16th May 2023

Direct Cremation Services joined The Ashes Register. A ground-breaking initiative supported by leading companies and organisations in the cremation sector. This innovative platform allows for the registration and mapping of the location of cremated remains, ensuring a comprehensive and searchable listing of their last resting place. Registering a set of ashes and their location on the Ashes Register is entirely free, providing a valuable resource for families and loved ones. By participating, you contribute to creating a lasting tribute and preserving the memory of your loved one in a meaningful way.

Website: https://ashesregister.com/


19th June 2023

Proudly partnered with an exceptional business based in Douglas, Isle of Man, we bring you the artistry of personalised keepsake jewellery. Specialising in incorporating DNA inclusions like ashes, hair, and breastmilk, our partner creates exquisite pieces that encapsulate your most treasured memories. Each meticulously handcrafted creation is a unique symbol of your bond, crafted with love and attention to detail. As our valued customer, you can enjoy an exclusive 15% discount* (Excluding Gold items) allowing you to honour your loved ones in a deeply meaningful way. Explore the beauty of bespoke jewellery at Manx DNA Jewellery, where compassion and craftsmanship unite in perfect harmony.

Website: https://manxdnajewellery.com/